Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre

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Address: 43 Woodbridge Hill, Surrey, Guildford, GU2 9AD

Price List

Due to coat type, coat condition, size and breed prices can vary. Please take a look at what our prices start from for our most popular breeds. If we have not stated your breed then please do not hesitate in getting in touch for a price.

Airdale terrier:From £45
Bearded collie:From £45
Beagle:From £35
Black Russian terrier:From £50
Border terrier:From £35
Border collie:From £38
Boxer:From £30
Bulldog:From £25
Bullmastiff:From £30
Bull terrier:From £25
Cairn terrier:From £35
Cavalier spaniel:From £32
Cavypoo/Cavychon:From £35
Chihuahua Longhaired:From £25
Chihuahua Shorthaired:From £20
Chow Chow:From £40
Cockerpoo:From £35
Cocker spaniel:From: £35
Dachshund Longhaired:From £30
Dachshund shorthaired:From £20
Dachshund wirehaired:From £35
Flat coat retriever:From £40
French bulldog:From £25
German shepherd Longhaired:From £50
German shepherd Shorthaired:From £40
Giant schnauzer:From £45
Golden retriever:From £40
Gordon setter:From £45
Irish setter:From £40
Irish terrier:From £40
Jack Russell terrier:From £30
Labrador:From £30
Lhasa apso:From £35
Maltese:From £30
Miniature Poodle:From £35
Miniature schnauzer:From £35
Newfoundland:From £60
Norfolk terrier:From £35
Old English sheepdog:From £50
Pekingese:From £32
Pomeranian:From £32
Pug:From £20
Rottweiler:From £30
Saint Bernard:From £60
Samoyed:From £40
Scottish terrier:From £35
Sheltie:From £35
Shih Tzu:From £35
Siberian Husky:From £40
Soft coated wheaten terrier:From £40
Staffordshire bull terrier:From £25
Standard Poodle:From £45
Standard schnauzer:From £40
Tibetan terrier:From £35
Toy Poodle:From £32
Vizsla Shorthaired:From £25
Vizsla: Wirehaired:From £35
Weimaraner Shorthaired:From £30
Weimaraner Longhaired:From £40
Welsh Springer spaniel:From £35
Welsh terrier:From £35
West highland white terrier:From £32
Wire fox terrier:From £35
Yorkshire terrier:From £30
Stain removing:From £10
Cat grooming:From £35
Nail cutting:£5
Eye trimming:£5
Anal glands:£10
Hydrotherapy spa bath 15 or 30 minute session:£35 / £45

Approximately 20 minutes in the luxury spa drying cabinet is included in the above prices for the hydrotherapy spa bath sessions.

Please also note that i do ask that at least 24 hours notice is given if you need to cancel your appointment otherwise a £15.00 charge will apply.

Shampoo price list

Please see below our new luxury shampoos we now offer. Each shampoo listed below has been designed to help calm, de stress and help with dry, flaky and sensitive skin. Please see a short description of each shampoo and let a member of staff know if you would like your pooch to have a luxury shampoo.

We also have a flea repellent shampoo.

Aromatherapy shampoo:Enriched with the calming fragrance of lavender and mint essence to help soothe and calm stressed dogs.Extra £5.00
Honey and Oatmeal shampoo:This shampoo is perfect for dogs with dry, itchy skin and can aid coat growth.Extra £5.00
Evening Primrose Oil shampoo:The conditioning formula helps improve coat condition. Whilst the 1% pure cold-pressed evening primrose oil soothes dry, flaky and sensitive skin.Extra £5.00
Flea repellent shampoo:This shampoo is typically used to treat dogs that suffer from fleas; however I highly recommend using a strong flea treatment such as advocate that you will get from your vet.Extra £5.00

Please not that we keep the shop free from fleas and our towels are washed after every use to ensure fleas are not passed from one dog to another.

Opening Times

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8.00 - 17.00
Wednesday: 8.00 - 17.00
Thursday: 8.00 - 17.00
Friday: 8.00 - 17.00
Saturday: 8.00 - 17.00
Sunday: Closed

Opening times may vary so please call to check. Later appointments can be arranged on request.

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T: 01483 563 300

M: 07435 969 989