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Hydrotherapy Spa Bath and Luxury Spa Drying Cabinet

We are very pleased to be able to offer your dog a sensational experience of relaxing joints and muscles as well as an immediate sensation of well-being.

This is through our new and innovative hydrotherapy spa bath dedicated to the growing trend of relaxation therapy for the beloved member of your family.

The big question on your minds is how does this work? Well the bath has been designed to feature massage bubble technology that releases thousands off bubbles per minute to massage and relax aching joints and muscles. The bath has a warm water function which is ideal for increasing circulation and soothing muscles. Whether your dog has arthritis, ligament damage, muscle or joint pain or you would just like to give your pooch a relaxing spa bath then this is ideal for your dog.

Once your dog has finished relaxing in the hydrotherapy spa bath then the relaxing does not stop there. We also have a luxury spa cabinet, cabinet you might say, what does this do? The best way to describe the spa cabinet is that it is a state-of-the-art technology drying cabinet. This has carbon infra-red panels and a dual ventilation system. The luxury spa cabinet is safety glass fronted so you can see him or her enjoying the experience and it is also controlled by programming the heat and time so there is no chance of your pooch overheating. This means that your dog can lay down in a very stylish pine exterior spa cabinet and dry off for even more relaxation.

Sessions for the hydrotherapy spa bath will be 15-minute or 30-minute sessions with approximately 20 minutes in the luxury spa cabinet. Pricing will be £20 or £30 respectively.

If your pooch is having the hydrotherapy spa bath for treatment therapy, then I recommend once a week for 30 minutes over 4 weeks. After this we can then go down to 15 minutes once a week if needing further therapy. For relaxing therapy, I recommend 30 minutes once or twice a month and then looking at going down to 15 minutes after this.

For more information then please do not hesitate in contacting Funky Dogs where we are based at 43 Woodbridge hill Guildford Surrey GU2 9AD or call us on 01483 563300. Alternatively email us at Also take a look at our website at

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