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At Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre we strive to provide the safest and securest environment upon you intrusting us with your Dog/Cat or small animal. We also strive to deliver the health and safety of your pets whilst in our care. Please take the time in reading and understanding the following policies.

All pets and pet parents attending Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre are required to fill in an up to date confidential client record form. This is to make us aware of any allergies or medical problems your pet has had or may develop in the future. This will help us to understand your pet's needs in more detail and any changes we may consider whilst grooming your pet. Please fill in one of these forms at our Spa & Grooming Centre or print one online from our website. Any changes to your pet's health for example medical/allergies after filing in the initial record form can be done by advising us so we can update your records. Unfortunately, any clients not willing to provide this information we will not be accepted at Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre.



Please be aware that when an appointment has been forgotten or missed this does not allow us the opportunity to fill that appointment time for other pet parents on our waiting list. If this occurs the terms and fees set out below will apply and we cannot provide any exceptions to this policy.

If an appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled then please be aware that fees will not apply as long as a minimum of 48 hours' notice has been given.

Fees will be charged at 50% of your total grooming session if less than 48 hours' notice has not been given to cancel or reschedule your pet's appointment.

If appointments are cancelled or are a NO SHOW on the day 100% of the grooming session will be charged.

Pet parents who have missed a previous appointment without the 48 hours' notice will be asked to pay for their grooming sessions in full when booking their future appointments otherwise will not be able to book an appointment. These payments are NON-REFUNADABLE if the appointment is missed or a no show or if at least 48 hours' notice is not given. To book your next appointment any rescheduling/cancellation fees must be paid in full.

Please be aware that the automated text message you will receive will not allow you to reply to cancel an appointment so please call within the 48 hours' notice to ensure you will not get charged the cancellation fee.

If you are in need of canceling or rescheduling your appointment please call the salon on 01483 563 300. If your call is outside the opening hours then please leave us a message stating your name, pets name and a contact number and we will call you back within the salon opening hours.


Please ensure that you endeavor to be on time for your appointment. This really does help us as clients running late can put us behind and could end up with us having to keep your pets longer than is necessary and have a knock-on effect throughout the rest of the day. Whilst we do our utmost to accommodate late arrivals if later than 15 minutes you may miss your appointment. We do appreciate that clients may be late due to no fault of their own; however, we do have a duty to our clients that do keep to appointment times.

If clients are later than 15 minutes and we are able to accommodate this, there will be an additional £1O.OO added to the grooming cost.

This policy will help to ensure that our salon runs efficiently and provide the required time to spend with each of our clients. We confirm your appointments at the time you book and also 24 hours before your appointment via text or email. However please be aware that it is your responsibility to remember appointment times/dates to avoid any applicable fees that will be charged.


Pricing is based on breed, size, length of coat, condition of coat, age and if any grooming history. Any pricing given over the phone and without us seeing your pet will be a guideline price and extra charges will apply if matted, have fleas or show aggression. These fees are listed below.


If you suspect your pet is not feeling well for example vomiting, diarrhoea, kennel cough please do not bring them to the salon as this will be very uncomfortable for your pet and will also put other pets at risk of becoming poorly. We are unable to accept pets that are pregnant or in season.



We will always give an approximate time that your pet will be with us; however please have patience with us and wait for our call or text to let you know your pet is ready as pet parents turning up before letting us know puts extra pressure on both us and your pet which would otherwise be a stress free and relaxing grooming experience for your pet. We do not like to rush the grooming experience and prefer to take our time to ensure your pets have an excellent experience whilst in our care.


We here at Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre pride ourselves in ensuring that nervous, elderly and disabled dogs are handled with the utmost care. If this means we have to allocate more time for their groom with us then we are more than happy to accommodate this. There will be a surcharge of £20.00 per hour over the allotted time which will be discussed with pet parents prior to the grooming session. This surcharge will also apply to any extra time needed as a result of temperament or behaviour.


Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre reserve the right to refuse any pet that shows aggression towards us or other pets. If your pet has an incident that we deem unacceptable we reserve the right to stop the grooming immediately. If this occurs then 100% of the grooming treatment will be charged irrespective of how much of the groom has been completed.


If you know or suspect your pet has fleas please ensure that you inform us so we can make sure that suitable flea shampoo and disinfectants are used to ensure other pets do not get contaminated. There will be a £20.00 surcharge for dogs attending our premises in this instance to cover the flea shampoo and disinfectants used. If we are not informed and a dog has entered our premises and we see signs of fleas then a surcharge of £30.OO will apply.


If your pet arrives and is excessively matted then there will be a surcharge of £30.OO per hour over the quoted price given. If we deem your pet to be too matted to de-matting then we will only clip off your pet as this is the safest option to minimise any discomfort and irritation to the skin. A section within the client form will need to be signed to have your consent for clipping off your pet.


Here at Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre we offer additional services (ear plucking & anal glands). Please note that Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions your pet may have after receiving these. It is extremely rare for any adverse reactions to occur; however, they can happen and we will only ever offer any additional services on pet parents request and at pet parents own risk.


Once we have called or you have received a text from us letting you know your pet is ready to be collected please ensure your prompt arrival. We allow 30 minutes from us contacting you for collection; however, if you go over this time then a sitting fee will be charged at £5.OO per 15 minutes. We can arrange a creche facility if you are unable to pick up your pet within the stated times. This is charged at £IO.OO per hour once we have notified you that your pet is ready for collection or pre-booked when making an appointment.



Funky Dogs Spa & Grooming Centre keeps detailed records of all pets. All clients must sign a disclaimer form and some personal details will be retained by us. Client data will be treated in accordance to the data protection principles of the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with 3rd parties.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the grooming provided, please advise us immediately or within 2 working days so we can do our best to rectify it. Pet parent's satisfaction is very important to us. We take great pride in our service and want pet parents to as well.

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