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Stain Remover

I am pleased to announce a brand new tear and stain remover that actually works. I have done a tremendous amount of research into this as I get asked a lot about eye, urine, feet and mouth staining. This new product is combing a liquid solution along with a powder and you will notice a big difference within an hour. This product does NOT contain BLEACH, PEROXIDE, or harsh chemicals and is even gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens.

Funky Dogs Stain Remover


 Funky Dogs Stain Remover


It is recommended that you have a course of treatment every day for 5 days and then weekly after this. The cost of this varies depending on the severity of staining, however will start from as little as £10.00. Do not hesitate in asking me for any further information about this great new product or to book your first session to a stain free dog or cat.

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